Measurement & Evaluation

The measurement and evaluation of communication and public relations programs is probably the most neglected part of the process.


It could be

  • Lack of knowledge
  • Lack of time and resources
  • Lack of support

But how can you be satisfied that your communications are effective if you don’t measure/evaluate their performance? Today, there is no justification for neglecting to document and measure how well a program or activity worked – including your business communications.

An ROI Formula

Three ways to evaluate your business communications:


This step involves assessing the quality and adequacy of planning, content, and execution. For example, was the research sufficient to enable you to achieve your communications goals? Were communications accurate, timely, and appropriate for the audience? Did you have the resources required? Was the budget sufficient? Did you deliver on time and within budget? Were the communications of high quality?


This step involves documenting the adequacy of the tactics and efforts – such as the numbers of publications printed, releases distributed, stories placed, numbers of readers/views or listeners (potential and actual) This evaluation can reveal flaws in a program – for example materials produced and distributed but not read.

And the most important…


This step provides feedback on the consequences of the communication program. It’s not enough to say a communication program or campaign is effective because it looks good and reads well. It’s effective when it influences demonstrable action or impact. Did you change peoples’ minds? Did you motivate them to the desired action? Do they think differently now? Are they more aware? Did the program accomplish the objectives you said you were going to accomplish?