Communications Training Seminars

Based on extensive experience Sandra has developed a range of training seminars designed to teach and reinforce important communication skills. Full and half day customized sessions will help your team improve their communication skills, ultimately helping your organization reach its goals.

Strategic Communications Management

Sandra can lead your organization through communication audits, communications planning, implementation of programs and projects, and measurement and evaluation.

Internal Communications

  • Employee Communications
    Development and implementation of employee communications programs including the use of internal publications, memos, intranet, employee forums/meetings, focus groups, video, social media
  • Organizational Change Communications
    Understanding employee communication needs during change, advice to leadership, development and implementation of communication plan

External Communications

  • Stakeholder Communications
    Development and implementation of communications programs for clients, partners, the media, the general public, or other stakeholder groups including the use of external publications, web, forums/meetings, presentations, focus groups, social media, traditional media, video
  • Investor Relations Communications
    Annual reports, presentations, publications, annual meetings
  • Media Training Sessions for Municipalities
    The better trained your spokespersons are, the better they represent your municipality

Issues Management

Working with leadership to identify potential issues and to plan strategic communications to respond effectively to issues as they arise, this includes reputation management

Crisis Communications

By the time you hear the thunder, it’s too late to build the ark! Smart companies today have a crisis communications plan as part of their overall crisis management/emergency preparedness and/or disaster recovery plans.

Acquisition/Merger Communications

Pre and post closing communications – internal and external