Crisis Communications

Does Your Organization Have a Crisis Communications Plan in Place? Is Your Staff Trained and Prepared?

If you don’t have a plan in place, when you are faced with a crisis, chances are you won’t have the resources to handle it.

A crisis spawns chaos, frantic people, and inaccurate information in the initial hours.

Before the @%$# hits the fan:

  • Participate in planning with staff and counsel to determine areas of risk
  • Develop a crisis plan for issues with high impact or high probability
  • Have clear identification of the official spokesperson
  • Train management and staff, so they know what to do if a crisis occurred
  • Make sure all key responders have copies of or access to the plan
  • Make sure the plan is kept up to date
  • Conduct exercises to test your crisis communications

How to ensure effective internal communications take place during a crisis:

  • Have clear identification of internal communication procedures with a plan developed ahead of time that clearly ties internal communications into the overall plan and describes the expectations, roles, and responsibilities
  • Provide easy to read information that outlines WHAT EMPLOYEES NEED TO KNOW about the organization’s emergency communications procedures