Merger & Acquisitions

Effective business communications can help achieve successful integration

About one-third of mergers succeed while two-thirds fail. There are a variety of reasons why the failure rate is so high, but a critical factor is often insufficient communication.

There are six distinct phases in the M&A process:

  1. Pre Announcement (research, planning)
  2. Announcement (employee announcements, public/media announcements)
  3. Pre Close (regular employee communications, preparation of client-facing communications plan)
  4. Close (closing announcements and celebrations)
  5. Post Close (integration of systems and brand/identity)
  6. Post Integration Assessment (measurement and evaluation)

Due to the complex variables in the acquisition process (external market conditions, size of the companies involved, company profitability, leadership, redundancies, status of employee morale) every acquisition is unique.

Sandra Thornton has been involved in communications for over 40 acquisitions and mergers. She has worked with leadership, legal, financial, IT, marketing, communications, and HR teams to ensure the required M&A communications strategies and tactics are in place and executed effectively.